3 Point Plan

A 3 Point Plan That Will Work

I believe that we must focus more on community policing and less on policing the community.  My name is Charles Corley II and I am a progressive thinker who believes that our criminal justice system must focus more on putting our children first. Keeping people out of jail and the rehabilitation of those men and women who are imprisoned will also be one of our biggest focuses. This is a 3 Point Plan that and lead our Sheriff Department to become a more accountable and transparent department.

1. Criminal Justice and Jail Reform are major challenges that our community face in today’s society. My administration will not simply focus on incarceration, but also the rehabilitation of imprisoned men and women so that they have a fair chance of success once released from jail. I believe in yearly training for all men and women who have taken the oath to Serve and Protect our communities and their inhabitants. 

The Plan For Criminal Justice Reform 

All officers will receive targeted training throughout the year.

  • Abnormal and/or suspicious behavior and activity training
  • Sensitivity and Diversity training twice a year
  • Conflict resolution training twice a year
  • De-escalation training
  • Racial bias
  • First Aid/CPR/AED training
  • Firearms Qualification
  • Active shooting training
  • Law and policy updates and refreshers
  • All officers will be offered counseling if needed.

The Plan For Jail Reform/Rehabilitation

  • Those incarcerated who meet a certain criteria will receive job training. 
  • Conflict resolution training for incarcerated individuals.
  • Community partnerships for job assistance and placement for those being released from jail.
  • Anger Management and Alcohol Anonymous programs for incarcerated individuals.
  • We will work with our local institutions to ensure that all imprisoned post-sentenced men and women who seek therapy receive it.

2. Re-establishing a Strong Relationship With Our Schools is a top priority. Building strong ties with the school system and assisting in shaping the minds of our youth will be an essential objective of my administration. I am fully committed to our children. The advancement of our society has to start with our youth. We must invest more in our children’s physical and mental health in order to have a progressive society. I will invest in programs that will stimulate and challenge their minds.

The Plan To Re-Establish This Relationship

  • We will work with local police departments and schools to identify areas that need special attention.
  • We will expand our cadet program for high school students.
  • We will work with members of the community and local police departments to establish safe zones for students that walk to school. 
  • Our Deputies will have random pop up campus visits and be more visible at schools throughout the county. 
  • We will have a Summer Police Academy Program for students from 8th through 12th grade.

The Summer Police Academy Program will focus on community service, self-confidence, leadership, learning about day to day policing and other life skills. We will have a specialized curriculum that each student must complete. This program will also help students transition from grade to grade while teaching them the importance of serving their community. The program will be geared toward training our next generation of officers. Students that successfully complete the program will be guaranteed a career/job with the Wayne County Sheriff Department, so long as they graduate from high school, pass a drug test, and do not have any felonies.  

3. Building Bridges With Our Community is another essential goal for our administration. Our focus will be on working together with residents to establish a partnership to keep our neighborhoods safe. The community are the “eyes and ears” of the police department. I feel that the two major focuses of a police department is to “Serve and Protect” as well as “Community Service”.  An advantage that the Wayne County Sheriff Department has is that they are not tied to the 911 system. This allows the department the ability to focus on a more proactive style of policing such as being more active in the school system and developing more community outreach programs. 

The Plan To Build Bridges With Our Community 

  • Quarterly town hall meetings with members of the community and local law enforcement to identify and address concerns in our neighborhoods.
  • Develop an interactive website that will educate the public on current events and new laws that will affect our community. 
  • Provide more security around senior citizen living quarters.
  • Host several family fun community events.
  • Partner with local organizations to help the homeless find shelters as well as permanent living dwellings. 
  • Increased involvement and visibility in our neighborhoods.
  • We will enact the help of community leaders, business owners and churches in the neighborhoods to better understand what we can do to improve the relationship with citizens in the community.